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Iba ser otra cosa, pero se me ha llenado de fotos.
This was supposed to be something else, but it got packed full of photos.


hcsvntleones ha dicho What about gay Rumanian vampires?

I liked him, but he reminded me to the late Tino Casal, a Spanish singer who became famous in the 80s. I like people who can be shocking to conservative people, but I think it is his only virtue. ¡And in Spain this was (not too much) shocking in the 80s!

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  1. qbnscholar ha dicho: "gay Rumanian vampires?" ¿Quien es este? Adoro todo le que sea humano eterno chupa sangre (no Chupa cabra, eso no). More info, please. ~Fern
  2. hcsvntleones ha dicho: true! maybe Rumania is shocked like Spain in the 80`s? haha
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