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Iba ser otra cosa, pero se me ha llenado de fotos.
This was supposed to be something else, but it got packed full of photos.



Things I hate about Eurovision:
1- my wife forces me to see it
2- she makes comments and expect me to answer
3- no-english speaking countries singing in english
4- horrible music
5- Raquel del Rosario

Things I like about Eurovision:
1- beautiful no-anorexic women
3- hearing (too few) other languages
4- It’s only once a year

— hace 1 año con 29 notas
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  1. newkilleryoff ha dicho: :D
  2. qbnscholar ha dicho: ¿Chica, porque? Lei tu lista y tuve que buscar a Raquel de Rosario. Ugh.
  3. my-memory-palace ha dicho: :))
  4. guisch73 ha dicho: Isn’t it a bit like an accident? You know it isn’t right but you have to watch… ;-)
  5. va103 ha dicho: 5 is bigger than 4 :( and music is horrible, you’re right
  6. ursulastrausss ha dicho: good points. thankfully nobody forces me to watch it. the things you do out of love?
  7. hcsvntleones ha dicho: What about gay Rumanian vampires?
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