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Iba ser otra cosa, pero se me ha llenado de fotos.
This was supposed to be something else, but it got packed full of photos.


Algy: Awww, Algy is sorry to hear that. He has a question for you to answer: what makes you smile?

Waking up in the mornings. Years ago I had a girlfriend who hated the fact that I always get up happy. Weird person…happily we broke up long time ago. Singing out loud in the shower, cooking, the cold wind in the face in a sunny winter day, dogs, thinking in silence…lots of things.

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emcn-blog ha dicho: If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

My first thought was Ushuaia, we went there in 2005, but I would like to see the place again, and have the opportunity of taking a trip to Antarctica (we couldn’t go there: lack of time and lack of money) and see the penguin sanctuaries and the icebergs routes. This would be fine. I loved the ice cold wind when we went there years ago, I still remember this sensation. I was very happy in a boat trip through the Beagle channel.

Thanks for asking.

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I’m answering messages

Finally we’re going nowhere this weekend. Some problems in my wife’s job leave us stuck here. The weather is horrible, anyway. I’m bored, I’ll answer any question.
New or old followers: if not following you and you are a creator posting your own work, please send me a message, I would like to know what kind of art are you doing.

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Thank you, Lensblr

Thank you, Lensblr, for featuring Asfalto on your blog. I’m humbled and happy.

This weekend we are going somewhere, we don’t know where yet, it depends on the weather, but there will be more photos next week.

Many hugs for everybody


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I don’t know if this is a good idea, but let’s try.

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